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Here you can find a showcase of all the online courses we've designed and developed over the years. Visit http://ccelearn.csus.edu/showcase and be sure to let us know what you think!

Faculty Resources

  • Camtasia Resources

    • Instructor Handout for Camtasia- This is the document instructors receive at our training sessions. This document has been created by the Online Services Staff.
    • Camtasia Learning Center - Go here for everything related to Camtasia
    • Camtasia Video Tutorials - Learn how to use Camtasia by watching step-by-step video tutorials
    • Camtasia Captioning - How to add text captions to your Camtasia presentations
    • 100+ pages on Camtasia! - Large pdf with everything you'd ever need to know about Camtasia
    • Captions and Menu - View this example of a tutorial made with Camtasia using captioning and a side menu for easy navigation.
    • FAQs

      • Q. Why does my audio chirp and garble?

        A. This problem typically occurs in swf files using the (latest) Flash Player version To fix, simply download this patch offered by the creators of Camtasia.
  • Video Room Resources

  • Software Downloads

    • Adobe Flash Player - (Windows/Mac) Required to view Camtasia recordings, web animations, and many other types of content for the web.
    • RealPlayer - (Windows/Mac) Player for RealMedia content.
    • Real Alternative - (Windows) Alternative player for RealMedia.

General Resources



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