Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Contract Management
     Contracting at Caltrans
     A&E Contracting History
     Approaches to Contracting
     Contracting Concepts
     A&E Contracting Process
     Division of Procurement and Contracts (DPAC)
     A&E Resource Development

     The Contract Manager
     Contract Types
     Scope of Work
     The State Estimate
     Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program
     Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program
     Contract Cost and Term
     Payment Methods
     Consultant Selection Committee
     Procurement and Procurement Schedule

Contract Procurement
     ADM 360 Package
     Select the Most Qualified Firm
     Analyze Consultant's Cost Proposal
     Contract Negotiations
     Encumber Funds
     Finalize the Contract
     Execute the Final Contract

Performance: Contract Administration
     A&E Contract Management
     Task Orders
     Progress Meetings
     Monitor Scope
     Monitor Schedule
     Monitor Costs and Payments
     Consultant Relationships: Terms and Conditions

Invoice Procedures
     Prompt Payment Act
     Invoice Disputes
     Invoice Submittal Requirements
     Invoice Review and Approval
     EFIS: Processing Details
     Invoice Package for Accounting
     Monitor Pay Outs
     Payment Records
     Storage Records

Closeout and Post-Performance
     Task Order Closeout
     Contract Closeout
     Administrative Issues
     Final Invoice Approval