Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Contract Management

Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Contract Management

At Caltrans, there are several types of resources available to complete project workload: Caltrans employees, brokering with other districts, overtime, other state agencies, and consultants, to name just a few. The State’s budget, which is adjusted yearly based on workload, determines whether the state workforce can be adjusted. The budget affects the size of the state employee workforce. When workload needs reach a peak, consultants may be hired to eliminate the need for increases in permanent staff. Architectural and Engineering (A&E) contracts fill peak staffing needs for the development of projects on the State Highway System. Currently, there is a 90/10 split in workload between State Workers and Consultants (based on expertise needed, expertise and number of current State employees, hours needed, and other factors).

Two men in hard hats looking at plan on a construction siteThe primary reasons we contract out are to:

  1. provide flexibility to adjust resources rapidly in response to program needs
  2. accommodate temporary changes in workforce due to annual budget revisions
  3. accelerate delivery schedules while maintaining Caltrans’ leadership role
  4. fill a need for subject matter expertise that is not currently available in the Department

For additional examples, see this write-up: Why We Need to Contract Out.