Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Contract Management : A&E Contracting History

A&E Contracting History

As this brief history illustrates, there has been controversy over how outsourcing has influenced Caltrans’ use of contract workers for project delivery.

In accordance with the terms of Proposition 35 (November 2000), the 2001 Project Management Directive (PMD 008)  established Consultant Services Units, and defined contracting authority, responsibilities, and communication lines.

Proposition 35 is available at http://www.smartvoter.org/2000/11/07/ca/state/prop/35/

2001 Project Management Directive (PMD 008) is available at http://pd.dot.ca.gov/pm/ProjectOffice/ProcessGuidance_Directives/PM_MemosDirectives/PMD008.pdf

Contracting authority is the statutory right of government employees to purchase goods and/or services on behalf of the agencies they work for.

When you buy something on behalf of a government agency, you are spending public funds, and therefore must operate within strict constraints and guidelines.

  • Only employees who have delegated authority from the Division of Procurement and Contracts (DPAC) Chief may sign contracts.

  • DPAC provides services in procurement, publications, warehousing, service contracts, architectural and engineering contracts, minor public works contracts (currently the limit is under $250,000), and all emergency-force account contracts for phase one emergencies that immediately restore services.

For information on long-term emergency contracts and construction project contracts greater than the minor public works contract limit, see these websites:
            Caltrans Office Engineer (Caltrans intranet) http://oe.dot.ca.gov/
            Caltrans Division of Construction (Internet) www.dot.ca.gov/hq/construc/