Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Contract Management : A&E Contract Process

A&E Contract Process

The Caltrans A&E Contract process involves four phases:

  • Planning: Contract need is identified and defined
  • Procurement: A contract is executed
  • Performance: Work is completed
  • Post-Performance: Consultants evaluated
A&E Contract Process flowchart
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Workers in orange vests and hard hats laying down asphaltWhere the Planning phase involves assessing current staffing levels to identify needs for contract workers, the Procurement phase focuses on filling the needs with consultants.

A contract manager’s time is devoted primarily to the Performance phases of the contract management process. While the work is underway, the contract manager is responsible for monitoring not only the work, but also the monetary aspects of the contract and task orders, such as but not limited to:

  • Scope, cost, and schedule
  • Invoice review and tracking
  • Performance evaluations
  • Documentation and record-keeping
  • Amendments and termination
  • Compliance with all contract obligations