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Budget Class (formerly Categories)

Each object code is associated with a budget class. Budget class represent the classification of budgeted, accounted and reported expenditures. The class and object codes together describe the types of good or services that have been purchased. You will see in this complete classes and object codes that the X32 object codes can be found distributed among classes 25, 2611, 2612, and 2623.

In general, Districts are able to move allocations from one class to another with one exception: monies cannot be moved from or to class 5 (travel) and 2611 (contracts) without HQ approval.

The COS Resource Allocation Sheet and Operating Expenses Allocation Sheet are used to update the COST report and workload database. Once HQ provides the Districts with an allocation at the beginning of the Fiscal Year, the Districts must revise their COST report to show the new allocation and how they plan to expend the new allocation by contract. The COST Report and project workplans are used to create future COS RAS and OE allocations.

Budget Monitoring System

Allocations and expenses are accessible online in InfoAdvantage or EFIS. InfoAdvantage is updated daily and shows the allocations, encumbrances and expenditures by category and fund.


Reports can be generated in EFIS to provide the specific information you require. See the budgets office in your district.