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COST Report

The Capital Outlay Support Tracking Report (COST report) is used to report X32 contracting activities on a contract-by-contract basis. The District Consultant Services Unit (CSU) maintains and submits the COST report to HQ Project Management each month. Headquarters uses the report to:

  • determine the status of Caltrans’ consultant services program
  • build future budgets using January COST Report

Contract managers are responsible for providing current and accurate data for the report. The updated COST report should mirror the District's plan for project work that has been, is, and will be contracted out. Details included on the report are:

  • various contract details (expiration, amount, scope)
  • past and current expenditures
  • future needs
  • fund types (determined by type of work)

Sample COST report

COST Report Instructions

Contact HQ Project Management to obtain the latest COST Report template and instructions.