Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Contract Management : Knowledge Check

Module 1 Knowledge Check

  1. What answer describes why Caltrans would not contract out its Architectural and Engineering (A&E) workload?

    Provide flexibility to adjust resources rapidly

    When workload needs reach a peak for augmenting permanent Caltrans staff

    When Caltrans permanent staff is available to do the work

    Fill a need for subject matter expertise that is not currently available

  2. What types of services cannot be included in a consulting services contract?

    Management consultation

    Expert witness


    A&E services

  3. Procurement and contracting organizations are organized in many ways such as functional areas, centralized, decentralized, and blended. From the answers below, please select the one that describes the Caltrans procurement and contracting function.





  4. What Caltrans Unit/Division provides services in procurement, publications, warehousing, service contracts, architectural and engineering contracts, minor public works contracts (currently the limit is under $250,000), and all emergency-force account contracts for phase one emergencies that immediately restore services?

    Caltrans Office Engineer

    Division of Procurement and Contracts (DPAC)

    Consultant Services Unit

    Caltrans Division of Construction

  5. The Caltrans A&E contract process involves four phases.  The contract manager's time is devoted primarily to what phase?

    Planning: Contract need is identified

    Procurement: A contract is executed

    Performance: Work is completed

    Post-Performance: Consultants evaluated

  6. Who is responsible for all Caltrans purchases, execution of service contracts, provides support and guidance to contract managers, and support to employees purchasing goods and services?

    The Division of Procurement and Contracts (DPAC)

    Caltrans Office Engineer

    Consultant Services Unit

    Caltrans Division of Construction

  7. Who starts the procurement process by completing the required forms and sending them to DPAC for solicitation and contract processing?


    Task Order Manager only

    Procurement Analyst

    Contract Manager (CM)

  8. An encumbrance is a commitment for spending allocated dollars (True or False).



  9. What expenditure classifications do budget classes (formerly categories) represent?




    All three answers above

  10. Who maintains and submits the Capital Outlay Support Tracking Report (COST report) to HQ Project Management each month?

    District Consultant Services Unit (CSU)

    Division of Procurement and Contracts (DPAC)

    Task Order manager

    Contract Manager