A&E Process Flowchart

The headquarters Division of Project Management reviews the statewide capital workload created by the individual project workplans and then develops a plan to resource that workload. This overall plan includes an analysis of what can be accomplished by:

  • Using existing Department staff
    • In regular time
    • In overtime
  • Hiring new Department employees

During the annual budget process the plan is refined in a cooperative and iterative process with the headquarters (HQ) Division of Budgets; Department Directorate; the Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency; the Department of Finance; and the Legislature. After the Governor signs the State budget, each district receives an annual allocation of human resources to meet the workload on its approved projects.

Annual allocation of resources consists mainly of:

  1. Department staff (regular and overtime) from that district
  2. “Brokered” Department staff (regular and overtime) from another district
  3. Project delivery consultant services (for project work beyond the capacity of Department staff)

The consultant services allocation provides funds for work performed by:

  1. Local agencies, under cooperative agreements
  2. Other government agencies, under interagency agreements
  3. Private firms

Work by private firms consists of:

  1. Architectural and Engineering (A&E) work
  2. Other work by private firms

Government Code 4529.10 defines A&E work as:

“For purposes of Article XXII of the California Constitution and this act, the term ‘architectural and engineering services' shall include all architectural, landscape architectural, environmental, engineering, land surveying, and construction project management services.”

Consultant Services includes:

  1. Professional A&E services, procured through qualification-based selection (Government Code 4526)
  2. Technical services, procured through price-based bids

A&E work can be included in Technical Services contracts procured through price-based bids. However, the A&E work must be incidental to the technical services.

A&E Consultant contracts may be:

  1. On-call/task order-based contracts — A contract with a functional-specific scope of work for functional managers who provide directions to consultants using task orders. (See On-call Contracts)
  2. Project-specific contracts — Some or all components of a single project are contracted out using the scope of work or task orders, depending on the amount of detail contained in the scope of work. (See Project-specific Contracts.)

District management, under the leadership of the Deputy District Director for Program and Project Management, determines how to distribute resources across functional units to accomplish the authorized work.

Using their own contract processes, other local and government agencies sometimes hire private consultants to assist with their work. This reference site only discusses contracts for A&E consultants procured by Caltrans using a qualifications-based selection process.