Planning : The Contract Manager

The Contract Manager

To see the recommended make up of the District CSU, see PMD 008.

For each contract, the Chief of the district Consultant Services Unit (CSU) or HQ Division appoints a contract manager (CM) from the district CSU or HQ Division, respectively. Some districts utilize contract managers from functional units instead of CSU staff. The CM is responsible for the administration and quality of contract products or services, and should be involved from contract initiation to contract closeout.

Among other things, the CM:

  1. Provides input on future A&E contracts required by the District using Look-Ahead Reporting.
  2. Provides information required with a the Service Contract Request (ADM 360), such as a detailed scope of work and funding information.
  3. Coordinates the selection of panel members who evaluate and rank consultants during the selection process.
  4. For on-call contracts, arranges for preparation of an independent, confidential estimate of the value of work, and an analysis of the selected consultant's cost proposal.
  5. Reviews and evaluates contract documents.
  6. Issues a notice to proceed to the consultant.
  7. Serves as the consultant's primary contact person within Caltrans.
  8. Develops/manages a contract schedule, scope, and cost for performance of work and completion of the project.
  9. Maintains contract file.
  10. Woman in a hard hat holding two rolled sets of plansCoordinates reviews of the consultant's work and provides direction.
  11. Reviews and approves the consultant’s progress payments.
  12. Monitors the consultant’s performance in meeting disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) percentages or disabled veteran owned business enterprise (DVBE) goals.
    (For details, see DBE Percentages, DVBE Goals.)
  13. Prepares periodic performance reports (ADM 2031) and discusses these reports with the consultant.
  14. Closes out the contract.

If the CM is from the district functional unit, he/she coordinates all contracting activities with the Chief of the district CSU. The appointment of a CM during the planning process should include consideration of the duties specified above.