Planning : Contract Types : Project-specific Contracts

Project-specific Contracts

The CM uses project-specific contracts when the project can be specifically defined.

Project-specific contracts fit into the following categories:

Project-specific Contracts

Appropriate when…


  • The consultant provides a specific, single product (e.g., environmental document or wetland delineation survey).

  • The scope of work is defined at WBS Level 7 or lower.


  • An entire project is contracted out.

  • The consultant provides specific, multiple products (e.g., environmental documents and PS&E).

  • The scope of work is defined for the first component of work (WBS Level 7 or lower) but may not be well-defined for subsequent component(s) of work.

  • The scope of the subsequent component(s) of work may be defined at WBS Level 7 or lower upon or near completion of the first component of work.

Task order-based

  • A specific project has been identified.

  • The detailed tasks are defined but are contingent on external factors that won’t be identified until future tasks are completed.

  • Tasks cannot be detailed until the contract has been executed.

A contract to provide biological services at several sites on a project is one example of a contract that would use task orders to further define work.