Planning : Scope of Work

Scope of Work

Two men and two women discussing documentsThe district consultant services unit (CSU) is responsible for managing the delivery of its district’s A&E contracts. Once the CM or functional unit manager identifies contract services, the district CSU coordinates the development of the scope of work. The scope of work must identify the types of services or products required from the consultant.

When developing a scope of work, keep in mind that the same scope of work cannot exist in two separate on-call contracts covering the same geographic region. This would be referred to as having multi-award contract, which is not allowed per Government Code 4527. Language contained in current on-call contracts does allow the Department to have an on-call and project-specific A&E contract in the same geographical area by excluding the work covered by the project-specific contract from the on-call contract.

The CM should also review the scope of work for any possible conflict of interest issues. For example, do not include the ability to do design and construction inspection services in the same contract. Caltrans is working with the consultant community to finalize conflict of interest language to be included in the Request for Qualifications and Scope of Work, dependent on the type of work being procured. See sample COI language and contact DPAC for latest language. There also can be conflicts of interest issues dealing with Department personnel and consultant contracts (http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/coi.shtml).

If you have any questions regarding conflict of interest issues, contact your A&E Contract Coordinator.

The CM consults with the Division of Procurement and Contracts (DPAC) A&E coordinator during the development of the scope of work. The A&E coordinator and Caltrans Legal Division review, approve, and provide guidance to ensure that the scope of work meets A&E contract regulations and standards. This review, and the resulting scope approval, helps avoid delays in the procurement process.

Department personnel can access sample scopes of work that have been pre-approved by Legal on the Caltrans Intranet at: