Planning : DVBE Programs

Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Programs

The DVBE Program applies only to state-only funded acquisitions.

The Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Participation Program was established to acknowledge disabled veterans for their service and increase business opportunities for the DVBE community with the State of California, thereby stimulating the economy. The program is designed to help DVBEs participate in a more level playing field with certain advantages when competing against other non-DVBEs for state contracts and purchases.

The state established a DVBE participation goal of at least five (5) percent. The goal applies to the total state funded contract dollars expended each year by an awarding department. Each state agency establishes their own method for attaining the goal and they have the discretion to include the program goal within individual contracts. Every year, state agencies must also report to the governor and the legislature their total DVBE contracting participation.

For each applicable contract, prime contractors must achieve the minimum DVBE participation goal.

The Department strives to increase the level of participation of disabled veteran businesses in all state contracting activities. The statewide goal applies to the total contract dollars expended each year by the department.

The Department's DVBE program requirements may change so contact the Office of Business and Economic Opportunity or DPAC for the most current information and application of the DVBE goals on A&E contracts.

DPAC's DVBE Resource Center can be found on the Caltrans Intranet at:


Information on DVBE utilization can also be found on OBEO's website at: