Planning : Consultant Selection Committee

Consultant Selection Committee

The CM establishes the consultant selection committee before submitting the Service Contract Request (ADM 360) to DPAC. The CM prepares a consultant selection committee participation memo nominating each committee member, and submits this memo with the ADM 360 documentation. The memo must be approved by a Deputy District Director or HQ Division Chief. Template for Selection Committee Memo

Template for Selection Committee Memo

Typically, selection committee members are senior level or above. To request a classification lower than senior level, you must include the justification describing the unavailability of senior-level staff and the qualifications of the substitute showing his/her capabilities of sitting on the selection committee. Items to consider when selecting committee members include:

  • Are senior-level (or above) staff members available? Check HQ and other districts.
  • Are a majority of the panel members in the same chain of command?
  • Do any of the panel members have any conflicts of interest (e.g., financial, family)? See http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/coi.shtml for more information.
  • Will the panel members be available for SOQ reviews and interviews? Check procurement schedule.

To maintain the impartiality of the panel, a majority of the voting panel members cannot come from the same chain of command. Exceptions will be made if there are no other personnel available or no other management levels between the District Deputy Director and senior-level staff. To avoid the perception of a biased panel, committee members should not have a superior-subordinate relationship.

For more information on the selection committee, see the document below:

A&E Standards and Procedures for Initial and Final Evaluation/Scoring