Planning : Procurement & Schedule

Procurement and Procurement Schedule

The contract procurement schedule plans out the events that must occur between submittal of an ADM 360 package and final execution of the contract. The CM/District creates and finalizes a requisition (RQM) in AMS Advantage, on a timely basis, that enables DPAC to ensure that all steps of the procurement process are completed by the anticipated/required start date for the contract work.

Dates in the procurement schedule should be shared with the Selection Committee members and the DPAC A&E Coordinator for planning purposes.

The CM develops a proposed contract procurement schedule to identify:

  • dates for SOQ review and scoring
  • dates for the contract interview and negotiations
  • a target execution date

After the ADM 360 package is submitted to DPAC with an approved RQM in AMS Advantage, the contract request is assigned to a contract analyst, and the procurement schedule is finalized. The DPAC contract analyst usually is not involved before this submittal.

For details about the ADM 360, see ADM 360 Package.

Due to increased A&E needs and the desire to expend consultant resources in an efficient manner, Caltrans now utilizes an accelerated schedule for A&E contracts. The accelerated schedule completes the procurement process in 75 working days from the time an RQM is finalized and an approved ADM 360 package is submitted to DPAC. Since this is a tight schedule, the District, DPAC and the consultant must work together to successfully meet each milestone.

A blank schedule template is available on the Caltrans intranet at http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/doc/aeplansched.xls