Contract Procurement : ADM 360 Package

ADM 360 Package

The CM completes a Service Contract Request (ADM 360) package and submits it electronically to the DPAC Coordinator for review and approval. Once approval from DPAC Coordinator is received, the CM obtains district approvals. The CM/District is responsible for creating and ensuring the approval of the RQM in AMS Advantage and for attaching the following documents to the RQM:

  • Signed ADM 0360
  • Signed ADM 0248
  • Copy of email showing DPAC A&E Coordinator's approval

The CM should ensure that the contract has been added to the COST Report and is consistent with information on the ADM 360 and the ADM 0248.

After the RQM is received in DPAC, the support staff notifies the A&E Branch Chief of the request. After the A&E Branch Chief assigns the request to a contract analyst, the support staff generates the contract number, notifies the CM of the assignment, and requests all additional required documents be emailed to the contract analyst. Upon receipt of these documents, the DPAC contract analyst officially begins the accelerated A&E contract procurement process.

Ethical conduct demands that confidentiality be maintained during the selection process. All personnel involved in the procurement of an A&E contract are required to fill out a conflict of interest form (GC 19990) and a Confidentiality of Information form.

Requisition (RQM) Document for Architectural and Engineering (A & E) Master contracts

A Requisition (RQM) document for A & E contracts must be created in Advantage in order to process a Service Contract Request (ADM 0360).

A RQM is used to create a Master Request (MA).

A MA is created in Advantage from a RQM and monitors the overall value and terms of the master agreement as well as track the balance of the master agreement.

A Task order (TO) is created in Advantage from a MA and encumbers funds in Advantage.

Creating a RQM:

  • A RQM will be electronically completed in Advantage by Caltrans District staff,
  • Approval of the RQM document will be routed and completed electronically in the system,
  • The RQM document will not generate a pre-encumbrance.

For instruction on how to create a RQM in Advantage see How To Record Enter a Requisition (RQM) for an A&E Service Contract.