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Receive and Distribute SOQs

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Consultants answer the RFQ by submitting their qualifications in a standardized Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). The contract analyst receives and distributes responsive Statements of Qualification (SOQs) to the consultant selection committee for review and evaluation. Consultants may also send SOQs directly to the CM or selection committee members if it is desired by the District, and detailed in the Committee Selection Memo. This direction to the consultant will be detailed in the RFQ.

Responsive SOQs are those that are submitted on time to the right location(s), and with all required information, including an appropriate number of copies.

DPAC determines if the submittal is responsive. DPAC rejects non-responsive SOQs. Non-responsive qualification packages include late submittals, submittals to the wrong location, submittals with inadequate copies, and non-submittal of required information.