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Develop the Shortlist

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Using Form ADM 2027 (Architectural & Engineering Consultant Evaluation Form), Initial Evaluation), each member of the consultant selection committee independently evaluates each proposal in terms of the technical criteria listed in the RFQ. Committee members are given approximately 5 working days to complete and submit their individual reviews of the SOQs to DPAC. The CM facilitates and coordinates the consultant selection committee's activities. In districts where the CSU is not configured according to PMD 008, the CM may elect to delegate these responsibilities.

If fewer than 3 responsive SOQs are received, it may be necessary to re-advertise the RFQ.
DPAC and the CM will work together to determine the best course of action.

The score sheets are submitted by the CM or committee members to the contract analyst for review, correctness, tabulation, and ranking of scores. After input from the committee and the DPAC A&E Coordinator, the CM submits the shortlist of the most qualified firms to the DPAC contract analyst. Typically, the committee interviews a minimum of three firms to determine the top-ranked firm for the contract. More firms may be interviewed if there are several well-qualified firms. DPAC validates the final scores and ranking list.