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Notify Shortlisted Firms

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The contract analyst emails or faxes notification to ALL of the consultants who submitted a responsive SOQ. The letter includes an alphabetical list of the short-listed firms.

Notification of short list and notification of interview are two individual processes. The CM will receive a copy of both the short list and an invitation to interview.

Interview dates are set and agreed upon by all panel members before the RFQ is advertised. Changes at this point could negatively affect the contract execution date.

The DPAC Scheduler sends the following items to each of the consultants on the short list:

  • Interview Letter: The interview letter provides the consultant information on the interview format and tells them how many copies of sealed cost proposals are required. Interview dates must be scheduled to allow the consultants a minimum of 5 working days to prepare.
  • Attachments: draft scope of work, sample cost proposal format and instructions, Payee Data Record, and instructions to the consultant for additional documentation that is needed (e.g., contractor certification clauses and certification of final indirect cost).

The interview format and timeframes can be adjusted depending on the needs of the CM. Some interviews use a question-only format instead of the standard 20-minute consultant presentation with question format. Before the CM receives the SOQs, the CM should provide draft interview questions which will be reviewed and approved by the DPAC Coordinator before the interviews begin. The CM:

  1. Prepares the interview questions with assistance from members of the consultant selection committee, and
  2. Forwards the questions to the DPAC Coordinator and contract analyst

The final approved Interview questions are provided to the contract analyst by the A&E Coordinator because they are required documentation for an executed contract.

Prior to sending the interview notification to the consultants and after discussing the format with the DPAC Coordinator, the CM must provide the DPAC analyst with specific interview instructions whenever the interview format will not follow the standard 20-minute consultant presentation with questions format.