Contract Procurement : Select the Most Qualified Firm : Perform Reference Checks

Perform Reference Checks

Prior to conducting interviews, the CM or CSU may check the references of each of the shortlisted firms. The firms provide references as part of the SOQ. The CM shares the findings from the reference checks with the selection committee. The CM can also check consultant references from projects not listed in the SOQs.

To evaluate if future contract deliverables will be submitted on time and within budget, reference checks may include questions about the consultant's past performance and responsiveness on projects. The scores from the reference checks, if performed, will be used to help evaluate the consultants during the interview process. The scores are documented on the interview score sheet (ADM 2028, Architectural & Engineering Consultant Evaluation Form, Final Evaluation).

Reference check questions and the procedures guide can be accessed on the Caltrans intranet at: