Contract Procurement : Select the Most Qualified Firm : Interview Shortlisted Firms

Interview Shortlisted Firms

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The DPAC Scheduler coordinates with the DPAC coordinator and DPAC contract analyst.

  • Schedule consultant interviews.
  • Secure interview rooms for needed dates and times.
  • Invite Committee Selection panel members.
The RFQ includes the submittal date for the SOQ, and dates on which the interviews and negotiations will take place.
  • Interviews are usually held 10 days after the SOQ submittal.
  • Negotiations are usually held 10 days after the interviews.

The Contract Manager:

  • Prepares the interview questions with assistance from committee members and forwards to DPAC Coordinator (this should be done during the advertisement period).
  • Ensures committee members listed on the selection committee participation memo have confirmed their participation for the interview.
  • Ensures a minimum of three committee members are in attendance at the interviews.

The DPAC Coordinator:

  • Reviews and approves structured interview questions prepared by the consultant selection committee.
  • Facilitates and acts as a chairperson during the interview.

Interviews are structured and conducted in a formal manner. Each consultant may be required to make a presentation as to how its team proposes to perform the contract work specified in the RFQ. The same structured pre-approved questions are then asked of each consultant.

Follow-up questions may be asked by the panel and must be specific to each consultant, based upon the reference checks and strengths and weaknesses identified during evaluation of the SOQ, or presentation material. Do not ask a question that allows consultants to change their answer given during the structured Q&A session.

Interview participants may include:

  • DPAC chairperson, a non-voting member
  • CM (may participate)
  • Members of the consultant selection committee
  • CSU Chief (observer or panel member, if qualified)
  • DPAC contract staff (observer)
For A&E contracts, the Department requests that each shortlisted firm submit a sealed cost proposal at the interview.

Only committee members who scored the SOQs are allowed to participate as voting members of the interview selection panel.