Contract Procurement : Analyze Consultant's Cost Proposal

Analyze Consultant’s Cost Proposal

For project-specific contracts, the CM, with the assistance of applicable functional managers, analyzes the consultant cost proposal against the State’s estimate completed for the ADM 360 package.

Procurement portion of the A&E Process Flowchart
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For on-call contracts, the CM and DPAC A&E Coordinator verify that the personnel listed in the cost proposal are in the SOQ, that hourly rates are calculated correctly, and that other direct costs appear reasonable. The DPAC Coordinator is assigned as the Caltrans negotiations chair and compares the fees and escalations proposed by the consultant against recently negotiated contracts with similar scope and terms.

Pre-negotiation Meeting

Plans, hard hat, clip board, pen, and calculatorThe DPAC Scheduler schedules a pre-negotiations meeting between the CM and DPAC Coordinator after the top-ranked firm has been selected. At this meeting, the CM and DPAC Coordinator review the cost proposal and discuss issues with the cost proposal. The DPAC Coordinator, with assistance by the CM, establishes a negotiating position.


Pre-negotiation meetings usually take place 10 working days after the interviews.