Contract Procurement : Finalize the Contract

Finalize the Contract

After negotiations are successfully completed, the contract analyst:

  • encumbers funds (see previous page)
  • develops and processes the final contract
  • ensures that the contract is complete and the consultant provides all attachments such as cost proposal and insurance documents
  • gets HQ Legal approval prior to sending the contract to the consultant
  • sends the contract to the consultant for signature
  • routes the signed contract for Department signatures and final approval
  • creates the Master Agreement (MA) in Advantage
Procurement portion of theA&E Process Flowchart
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The CM approves the final negotiated contract.

Master Agreements (MA) for Architectural and Engineering (A & E) Master contracts

The MA document does not record funding details and does not encumber funds. The MA document serves as a tool to monitor the overall value and terms of the master agreement as well as track the balance of the master agreement not reduced by the Task Orders issued.

A MA is created from a RQM.

A MA is used in Advantage to create a Task order (TO). A TO encumbers funds in Advantage.

The MA will be electronically completed in Advantage by a DPAC contract analyst staff and routed to the District/Division Resource Manager for approval.