Contract Procurement : Encumber Funds

Encumber Funds

Procurement portion of the A&E Process Flowchart
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Encumbering funds essentially reserves the money that is needed to cover the cost of contracts. The Chief of the district CSU ensures that the “Fund Split” columns in the COST report reflect the current estimated fund split for each existing and proposed contract.

The CM and District budget office verifies that the funding information shown in ADM 360 and ADM 0248 is correct. Project Management Directive (PMD) 009, Encumbrance Project ID for [A&E] Contracts explains this process.

To encumber the funds, the District HQ Resource Management Office completes the following steps:




Receives form Std. 215 (the certified contract transmittal form which provides details of expenditure authorization) from DPAC, typically includes ADM 0248 Contract Encumbrance Distribution


Certifies funding shown on the Std. 215 using the encumbrance Project ID supplied on the Std. 215


Returns the certified contract (Std. 215) to DPAC


Encumbers funds based upon the certification shown in Std. 215 and ADM 0248 form

To access the ADM0248, Contract Encumbrance Distribution Form, go to CEFS intranet site at http://cefs2.dot.ca.gov:8080/v2Forms/servlet/FormRenderer?frmid=ADM0248&distpath=adminsvcntr&brapath=contracts

This link also be found on the DPAC A&E Resource Page at