Contract Procurement : Execute the Final Contract

Execute the Final Contract

A contract is fully executed after approval by HQ Legal, after all funds have been encumbered, and after the consultant and DPAC have signed it.

  • Copies of the executed contract are distributed to the consultant, CM, Accounting, and Audits.
  • DPAC retains electronic copies of the contract information in its files.
  • DPAC retains the original hard copies of the contract, approvals, and pertinent documentation.
  • DPAC updates its internal contract database (CATS).
  • DPAC sends out notification of the right to a debriefing to consultants that were interviewed.
Procurement portion of theA&E Process Flowchart
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According to the accelerated procurement schedule, execution of the A&E contract is approximately 13 working days after the final cost proposal is submitted to DPAC.

Once the contract has been executed, the CM or designated member of the consultant selection committee provides, upon request, a debriefing for any non-selected firms. Department personnel can access debriefing guidelines (contained in “A&E Standards and Procedures for Initial and Final Evaluation/Scoring”) at: http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/documents/aescore.pdf