Contract Procurement : Audits: Post-Award Evaluation

Post-Award Evaluation

To accelerate contract execution, most A&E contracts are evaluated using a post-award workpaper review or audit. A post-award evaluation usually is warranted in these situations:

  • The time it would take to conduct a pre-award audit jeopardizes the project schedule.
  • Emergency work is needed to restore a damaged traffic facility, such as a bridge.
  • Contract manager identifies a problem with contract financial data.

After a post-award evaluation is complete, the contract manager completes several tasks to keep the contract records in line with the findings:

  • revises the cost proposal and resubmits final to DPAC
  • reviews invoices submitted to date
  • reviews direct and indirect expenses charged to contract
  • obtains revised invoices to coincide with cost proposal changes
  • credits Caltrans or pays consultant as needed to account for cost changes
  • obtains revised invoices or document which summarizes changes to submitted invoices which coincide with cost proposal changes

Corrective Action Plan

After completion of the findings from the CPA Workpaper Review or the Post-Award Audit, a Corrective Action Plan will be issued to the Contract Manager during the performance of the Contract. The contract manager details the steps taken to address the findings in the Corrective Action Plan, attaches a revised cost proposal, and returns to DPAC.