Contract Procurement : Audits: Pre-Award Evaluation

Pre-Award Evaluation

Man in hard hat holding two signs with green dollar signs on themWhen necessary, Caltrans' Audits and Investigations Division ("Audits") may conduct a pre-award audit evaluation to verify the consultant's salaries, billing rates, estimating practices, and cost accounting systems. If there are questions about the reliability of a consultant's cost control procedures or compliance with budget and accounting standards required by Federal Regulation and cost principles, DPAC will request an audit evaluation.

Requests for pre-award evaluations can be submitted to Audits using email or a written memorandum. Because a pre-award evaluation may result in delaying contract execution, the reasons for the pre-award evaluation must be justified in the request. The pre-award evaluation will be allowed if the justification provides sufficient rationale for delaying contract execution.


If the decision to hold off contract execution for a pre-award evaluation creates a safety issue, a post-award evaluation will be used.