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Oversight and Quality Assurance

Functional units usually handle the management of technical oversight and quality assurance. Contract managers who belong to a functional unit may choose to manage both the contractual and technical aspects of the task order. Details of the oversight and QA responsibilities should be described in either the contract or the task order.

Contract oversight is shared between the project, contract, task order, and functional managers. The contract manager maintains a hand in all oversight, as the contract is the guiding document for all activities completed by consultants. The three influencing components in project management – scope, cost and schedule – also influence oversight of projects that are completed by consultants.

Oversight by Contract Manager

Scope (Work)

CM works with the functional managers to make sure the work outlined in the task order is completed according to plan.

Cost (Budget)

CM monitors all monetary aspects of the contract to make sure that the costs of the deliverables remain within the expected budget.

Schedule (Progress) CM keeps in constant contact with TO manager to make sure the product is delivered on time.

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