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Monitor Performance

The purpose of monitoring performance while the contract is underway is to maintain control of the project – to ensure a complete and acceptable product is received on time, within expected standards, and within budget. Setting up internal checkpoints ensures:

  • task order manager and contract manager are mutually informed
  • laws and regulations are followed
  • contract terms and conditions are met
  • coordinated oversight and quality assurance

When the contract is finally executed, the consultant may begin work on your contract. If you are the contract manager, you're responsible for monitoring the consultant's performance to ensure that the work is being done according to the contract. Questions to consider when monitoring the consultant include:

  • Is the consultant completing the work according to the time or date specified in the contract?
  • Is the consultant completing the work up to the standards stipulated in the contract?
  • Are the rates and fees reasonable and according to the contract provisions?
  • Is the consultant meeting disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE)/or disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE) contract goals/percentages?
  • Is the consultant submitting invoices promptly and in accordance with the contract terms and conditions?