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Contract Kick-off Meeting

Four men in hard hats looking at a folderThe kick off meeting is essential for open communication.

A contract kick-off meeting ensures communication and awareness of contract and project requirements by all parties. Since the kick-off meeting is not reimbursable under the terms of the contract, hold the meeting at the consultant's office and at the consultant's convenience. Invite or bring everyone to the meeting who will be involved, including sub-consultants and Caltrans employees who will utilize the contract.

The kick-off meeting should last as long as needed to cover the contract terms in enough detail to reach shared understandings. Depending on the complexity of the work, the meeting may range from 1 to 4 hours; most average around 3 hours.

Items to consider while preparing for the kick-off:

Scope Limits

Describe the anticipated work and make sure it is in line with the scope.

Remind the consultants if they do something outside the scope of the agreement, it will not be covered by the contract and it will not be reimbursed.

Lines of Communication

Required communication intervals (need-to-know, weekly, monthly)

Identify points of contact for each party

Preferred communication methods (email, phone)

Accounting Requirements

Timesheet submittals

Invoicing procedures

Expense documentation

Reporting requirements

Personnel requests (changes to contract cost proposal)

Meeting schedules

Monthly Progress Report for each task order

Status report schedules

Travel requests

Wage requirements

Prevailing wage requirements

Specialist classifications

Labor Compliance Issues



Consultant responsibility for meeting the DVBE or DBE goals


Keep sub-consultants and sub-contractors informed of all requirements!

Sample kick-off meeting checklist

Labor Compliance Checklist