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Personnel Substitutions

The consultant has evaluated the scope, cost, and schedule of a contract, and provided a team listed by classifications and detailed on the contract cost proposal. Unless there is a change in scope or schedule, the make up of the team in regards to numbers and classifications should remain the same. Since the period of performance of an A&E contract spans multiple years and the consultant is expected to provide qualified personnel for the duration, team members listed in the contract cost proposal are likely to change.

Use a Personnel Request Form to accomplish these changes. The changes must be requested and approved by the Department Contract Manager in advance before any work is performed. A resume or Standard Form 330 with payroll certification must be attached to the personnel request form.

If, for example, a consultant engineer is promoted during an executed contract, and the consultant wishes to use this person at his promoted rate, the consultant submits a Personnel Request Form. The Department CM must consider if the change is appropriate or necessary.

  • Will the consultant have enough staff at the lower classification to maintain services?
  • Is this person replacing a higher level person that has left?
  • Does the Department need additional staff at the higher level?

Contact the appropriate A&E Contract Coordinator for additional guidance if necessary.

When a consultant requires a change in project manager (or requested by the Department due to a lack of performance), the reason for the change must be provided in writing along with the SF 330 or resume detailing the qualifications of the new PM. The Department reserves the right to accept or reject the new PM based on level of experience. The Department CM is responsible to ensure that pay of the new PM is consistent with the pay and experience level of the previous PM.

When the staff from the prime and or subconsultants can no longer provide services required by the contract, substitution of a new firm is allowed if the CM receives written confirmation from each firm on the contract. When substituting for DBE/DVBE firms, you must replace with a similar DBE/DVBE firm. If a DBE/DVBE firm is not available, the prime must provide written proof that a good faith effort was used to find another DBE/DVBE to replace the original member.. Negotiations are required when adding new subconsultants to a contract so contact your DPAC coordinator for assistance. You can also find boilerplate language in the contract will provide additional guidance when substituting firms.