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Task Orders

A contract is to a checkbook as a
task order is to a check.

An A&E contract can be used for any task that is covered in its scope of work. Once a contract is in place, task orders are written to tap the resources covered by the contract. Task Orders are mini-contracts that define a specific project's scope, cost, and schedule; they explain exactly how the money is to be spent. As a component of a contract, the Task Order's scope, cost, and schedule must conform to terms of the master contract.

Note: These are samples of older contracts and task orders. Contact DPAC for the latest templates.


Sample contract
Sample task order

The following guidelines apply to task orders:

  • Consultants are paid according to the terms of the task order and contract.
  • A Task Order cannot include tasks or responsibilities not covered in the contract. If either the contract or the task order does not include reimbursement for a specific type of cost (such as travel), then those costs are not reimbursable.
  • A task order may cover tasks related to more than one project, or may be used on project-based contracts with large scopes or multiple phases.
  • A project may use services provided under one or more task orders, and services under one or more contracts.
  • Expenditures are tracked by WBS and Project ID. There may be more than one Project ID listed in a task order.