Performance : Task Orders : Consultant's Cost Proposal

Consultant’s Cost Proposal

Using the draft task order, the consultant develops a cost proposal based on costs specified in the contract cost proposal that outlines the work to be done, including staffing and wage details, and other direct costs (ODC). If any supporting documentation is needed, the Caltrans managers provide what the consultant needs to complete the cost proposal.

If the consultant does not agree to the terms of the draft task order, the contract manager, Functional manager or project manager negotiates the terms until all parties agree on them. If the consultant and the Department still cannot agree on the cost, scope, and schedule of a task order, contact the appropriate DPAC A&E Contract Coordinator for assistance.

The consultant's cost proposal should match the WBS codes specified in the task order scope of work, and should be broken down by fiscal year if the task order schedule exceeds more than one fiscal year. The CM may supply the consultant with a template to assure that both parties are using the same cost estimate format. This will facilitate cost order review and comparison.

Sample task order cost estimate