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Task Order Kick-off Meeting

Once a task order is executed, and depending on the size of the project, a Task Order Kick-off meeting may provide a sense of “beginning” of that aspect of a project. The meeting also provides an opportunity to establish expectations for a working relationship between the consultant and the Caltrans managers.

If you decide to hold a kick-off meeting, plan to review the whole task order in practical terms. Discuss the following topics:

  • Scope:
    What are the expectations?
    How will progress be measured?
    How will acceptance be determined?

  • Costs:
    What costs are included?
    Does this task require tracking actual versus budgeted?

  • Schedule:
    Are the dates reasonable and realistic?
    What is critical, and what is not?
    What are the internal milestones?
    What are the external milestones?

  • Communication plan:
    Who is responsible for communicating changes?
    How often will meetings be needed?
    What is preferred communication method (e.g., e-mail, phone calls)?
    How will questions be raised and issues be resolved?

  • Special circumstances to consider for this task order:
    What are the prevailing wage requirements?
    What other direct costs need to be monitored?
    What are the DBE or DVBE requirements?
    How many sub-consultants will be involved?