Performance : Progress Meetings

Progress Meetings

Communication is a key element in project oversight, and meeting regularly with the consultant and other project partners keeps the communication channels open. Meetings should be held at:

  • Task order kick-off
  • While the project is underway
  • At the end of the project or close of the contract.

Four business people sitting around a laptopThe number of progress meetings needed usually is proportionate to the complexity of the project. Likewise, projects involving a greater number of people probably will require more meetings.

On-site visits help the contract manager to check on the consultant’s activities:

  • Drop in on the consultant at intermittent intervals
  • Discuss the project with the consultant's staff
  • Clarify any issues
  • Communicate requirements

Progress meetings (generally more formal) are intended to keep a finger on the pulse of the project:

  • Schedule at regularly intervals (weekly, monthly, at specific milestones)
  • Determine if project is on track
  • Identify possible hurdles
  • Monitor consultant progress