Performance : Amendments


An amendment is a formal change to a contract or task order. Despite efforts to anticipate and specify the needed work in the language of the contract, one truth in any project’s life is that things change. Consequently, consultant contracts and task orders may require amendment along the way.

The following guidelines apply to any amendment:

  • Changes must be in writing.
  • Amendments must be executed prior to the contract’s expiration date.
  • Submit written requests for changes and approvals PRIOR to work being done as result of the change.
  • Task Orders do NOT amend the contract.
  • Change in team members must be requested and approved. A letter is sufficient for approval.
    Sub-consultants may be added to the contract if the team can no longer meet contractual requirements. However, it is not necessary to go through the amendment process. Check the contract boilerplate language for additional information on amendments and contact the appropriate DPAC A&E Coordinator to negotiate and approve the cost proposal for the new firm.
  • Amendments must mirror any changes to the project’s workplan

Contact your DPAC A&E Coordinator if you have questions about amendments.