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Task Order Amendments

Task order language is usually customized for the work that needs to be done, yet it must agree with the language and terms of the contract. When the work covered by the task order is not going according to the original plan, an amendment may be needed. The reasons for such an amendment vary, and may include:

  • Minor changes in the scope of service or deliverables
  • Revise the expiration date
  • Increase or decrease the dollar amounts

Some reasons are not considered valid reasons for amending a task order. For example:

    Do not reimburse work that is not within the scope of the task order or contract, if not task-order based.

  • A bad cost estimate
  • Consultant performs work not authorized by the CM
  • Consultant performs work outside the scope of the task order

The following guidelines apply to any task order amendment:

  • Include only the changes in the task order amendment (do not re-write the whole task order).
  • Changes must be in writing.
  • Task orders do NOT amend the contract.
  • Requests for changes and approvals must be done in writing PRIOR to any work being done as result of the change.
  • The consultant is not allowed to bill for work that is not correct. If a final deliverable needs additional work, the consultant should cover the costs for revisions.
  • Amendments should be negotiated in the same manner as a task order.
  • If a consultant needs more time to finish the work, process the amendment for the task order's expiration date.
  • Ensure the work can be completed under the terms of the amended task order.
  • Process an amendment the same way you would a task order.

Sample task order amendment

The Division of Engineering Services (DES-Structures) calls an amendment a "supplement" to avoid any confusion with a contract amendment.