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Contract Amendment Approval Process

Requests for amendments begin with communicating your needs to the DPAC A&E coordinator. Once the needs and justifications for the amendment are clarified, they are documented and submitted on an A&E Amendment Pre-Approval Form (ADM 2042). The process can be found on the DPAC website at: http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/documents/am_workflow.pdf

  1. As soon as you know that an amendment is needed, submit the draft ADM 2042 to the A&E coordinator to get the process underway.
  2. Once the pre-approval form is approved, submit the Service Contract Request (ADM 0360) to DPAC with any appropriate attachments, such as a Director's Estimate and ADM 0248 for a funds increase.

The Contract Manager and DPAC A&E coordinator work together to complete the pre-approval form. District pre-approval for the amendment is required before DPAC can process the request. Submit requests for pre-approval on the form: http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/forms.shtml#adm2042

When the draft A&E Amendment pre-approval form is submitted to the DPAC A&E Coordinator, it is evaluated and approved by the Chief of DPAC. It may need to be approved by Legal, Finance, and the Program Director (Chief Engineer) as well. This could add up to 2 months to the approval process. DPAC will not process a contract amendment request until the ADM 2042 is approved.

There have been issues with the approval process of the A&E amendment preapproval form, ADM 2042. DPAC has developed a pilot on-line tool to increase efficiency and tracking for the ADM 2042. The pilot has started so refer to the instructions for the electronic submittal process. Check for updates to these instructions on the DPAC A&E contract resource center page at: http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/aesched.shtml. The tool can be found at the following address:

Once the amendment pre-approval request is complete and all approvals has been obtained, submit the amendment for DPAC approval. See these A&E Electronic Submittal Instructions for details.