Performance : Monitor Costs and Payments

Monitor Costs and Payments

Once they do the work, consultants need to be paid. Consultants are responsible for submitting accurate and timely invoices to you on a monthly basis, the contract manager. In turn, you are responsible for processing the paperwork correctly, and for directing it without delay through the appropriate organizational channels. Late or inaccurate payments can damage Caltrans' ongoing relationships with good-faith consultants.


As CM, you should monitor planned budgets against expenditures throughout the life of the contract. Keep a database or spreadsheet in the contract file to track charges and costs against budgeted funds.

Also consider:

  • Number of Project IDs being used in the contract
  • Number of fiscal years the contract covers
  • Method of payment (hourly, monthly, per item, per milestone, by task order, and/or lump sum)
  • Dollars available versus dollars spent

Closely monitor the authorized funding for each fiscal year to ensure there is funding in the appropriate fiscal year for the work begin provided. Doing so may be complex if the contract involves multiple fiscal years and/or multiple Project IDs.

Tip: When invoices are not process in a timely fashion for work completed close to the end of the fiscal year, funds may need to come out of the next fiscal year's allocation. Notify Budgets or Resource Management staff if you have problems.