Performance : Consultant Relationships

Consultant Relationships: Terms and Conditions

According to professional rules of conduct, consultants expect to be treated with the same professionalism that you expect from them. Although acceptance of work is the probable outcome of a consultant contract, disputes, claims, and terminations can occur despite the best efforts to ensure a good relationship. The management of the consultant relationship determines the ease with which difficult issues can be resolved.

Work Acceptance

The CM can formally accept the consultant's work either by completing the inspection and acceptance process, or simply by paying the final invoice. In areas outside your expertise, rely on a functional manager (FM) for formal acceptance. For example, when accepting an environmental assessment report, have the environmental division or environmental office review the report and take responsibility for formal acceptance.

Insurance Requirements

If the contract terms require the consultant to carry specific insurance coverage, you must monitor the coverage amounts and expiration dates of any certificates of insurance the consultant provides. Approximately 60 days before the insurance expiration date, you must notify the consultant, in writing, that a new certificate is required. When you receive the insurance renewal certificate, it is your responsibility to make sure that the coverage amount is adequate and that the new expiration date extends beyond the contract end date.

If the consultant is unable to provide this information, the contract may have to be terminated for cause. Contact your DPAC A&E Coordinator for assistance when you are faced with this situation.


All communication with the consultant should be fully documented and stored in the contract file. If any issues arise, these should be discussed and resolved as soon as possible. If issues are handled verbally, these conversations should also be documented and stored in the contract file.

Corrective Action Plan

After Audits have performed a CPA Workpaper Review or a Post-Award Audit, they will issue an Audits Finding/Post Award Audit notification letter to DPAC.

Based on the audit findings, the analyst will prepare a Corrective Action Plan and will send it to the District's Contract Manager along with the Audit Findings letter.

The District's Contract Manager will have 30 days to complete the Corrective Action Plan and return it to the analyst.

DPAC analyst will forward the Corrective Action Plan, along with any applicable documents (e.g. revised cost proposal) to the A&E Coordinator to review.

After the A&E Coordinator has reviewed and approved the Corrective Action Plan, the DPAC analyst will forward the Corrective Action Plan to Audits.