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Annual Evaluations

During the performance of an A&E contract, the CM must evaluate the consultant's performance on an annual (interim) basis. The CM should solicit input from the CSU and task order manager who were involved with the contract.

The evaluation may discuss topics that are specific to the nature of the work or project.

Use specific factual examples to back up the scores given on the ADM 2031.

Items measured in the evaluation include:

  • Communication and cooperation
  • Quality of work
  • Billing practices
  • Personnel performance
  • DBE/DVBE utilization (if applicable)
  • Timeliness in completion of work
  • Adherence to agreed costs

Each evaluation is completed using the Performance Evaluation Form (ADM 2031).

To complete an annual (interim) evaluation for an A&E consultant:

  1. Complete the ADM 2031 evaluation form for the appropriate type of contract (DBE only, DVBE only, no goals).
    Forms:  http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/forms.shtml#adm2031
    Instructions: http://admin.dot.ca.gov/pc/aesched.shtml
  2. Send the completed ADM 2031 to the prime consultant, allowing 15 working days for the consultant to respond in writing.
  3. Send the annual evaluation to DPAC (along with any consultant comments) and keep a copy in the contract file.

Evaluations may be beneficial in alerting the consultant about any deficiencies by Caltrans so that they may make any necessary changes to improve performance.

Timesaving Tip

Copy a blank ADM 2031 into your working files at the beginning of a contract and use as a diary to keep notes on consultant performance as work progresses on the contract.

Man holding briefcase climbing checkboxes of an oversized "evaluation" reading outstanding, excellent, very good, average, and below average