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DBE & DVBE Utilization

The CM is responsible for constantly monitoring and promoting the consultant's use of disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) or disabled veterans business enterprise (DVBE) subconsultants as specified in the contract. All consultant invoices must include:

  • description of the specific work performed by DBE or DVBE subconsultants
  • related costs for that work
  • dates the work was performed

If the consultant did not use DBE or DVBE subconsultants or suppliers during the invoice billing period as required, the consultant must state that fact on the invoice.

If the consultant fails to employ the DVBE firms they have contractually agreed to use, the consultant is in breach of contract and the contract may be terminated.

The Department's current status on DBE and DVBE utilization
 can be found at the following link:
 DBE and DVBE Programs