Performance : Knowledge Check

Module 4 Knowledge Check

  1. Districts do not all perform contract management in the same manner. Generally who is responsible for the contractual aspects of the contract?

    Task Order Manager (TOM)

    DPAC Analyst

    Contract Manager (CM)

    Project Manager (PM)

  2. Who monitors all monetary aspects of the contract to make sure that the costs of the deliverables remain within the expected budget?

    Contract Manager (CM)

    DPAC Analyst

    Project Manager (PM)

    Functional Manager (FM)

  3. What meeting is usually scheduled directly after contract execution and ensures communication and awareness of contract and project requirements by all parties?

    Pre-award meeting

    Final Consultant interview

    Kick off meeting

    Contract surveillance meeting

  4. When is the consultant required to submit progress reports for each project or task order?

    Once a quarter


    Twice per month

    Once per month

  5. A critical activity for the contract manager is keeping records and files for the life of the contract. Of the answers below, which one does not contain information from a contract procurement or task order work?

    Project files

    DPAC contract file

    Contract Manager working contract file

    District Records Retention files

  6. The DPAC Contract file contains contract procurement documentation, advertisements, consultant selection materials, contract execution records, and an unsigned copy of the contract. (True or False).



  7. When issuing task orders against a master contract, which one of the below answers is incorrect? The Task Order

    Must be within the scope of the contract

    Can be considered a checkbook

    Are mini-contracts that define a specific project's scope, cost, and schedule

    Expenditures are tracked by WBS and Project ID

  8. Task Order negotiation can take place based on specific requirements. Of the answers listed below, which one is subject to Task Order negotiation?

    Level of effort (hours)

    Indirect rates

    Salary rates


  9. What is a formal change to a contract or task order called?



  10. Caltrans has the right to inspect all project deliverables at any time before acceptance. What type of inspection requirement requires every product or service to be inspected and there is no sampling of the population authorized?

    Consultant Self-Reporting

    Period Inspection

    Random Sampling

    100% Inspection