Invoice Procedures : Invoice Disputes

Invoice Disputes

Invoice Dispute form
Invoice Dispute Notification

Caltrans must notify the consultant in writing within 15 working days of invoice receipt of any disputed items in the invoice package.

When Caltrans is unable to process an invoice within 15 calendar days due to an incomplete or disputed submittal, the contract manager completes an invoice dispute form as follows, before the end of the first 15 day period:

  1. Enter the Vendor Address (consultant’s name and address) information and invoice information at the top of the form, areas 1 and 2.
  2. In area 3, mark the reason for the dispute. If “other”, write a brief explanation.
  3. In area 5, enter a contact name and phone number for the consultant’s representative, and your name and phone number as a contact for further questions.
  4. Send notification to the consultant and request receipt confirmation.
  5. When the dispute is resolved, describe the solution in “Resolution” field.
  6. Within 15 days of resolution, attach a copy of the dispute form to the completed invoice, and submit to Accounting for payment.
  7. Make a copy of the completed form and send to the consultant.
  8. Retain the original for your records..

When a consultant has rectified the dispute and Caltrans has received a complete invoice, the 45-day prompt payment period begins again (follow steps 6, 7 and 8 above).