Invoice Procedures : Invoice Submittal Requirements

Invoice Submittal Requirements

Although Caltrans has not standardized its invoice format, certain items must be submitted with each invoice, and certain details must be included on the invoice itself. Each invoice must be accompanied by a cover sheet and contract summary, which may be the same, as well as other supporting documentation. All invoices must be submitted:

    Contact the CSU in your district for specific invoice requirements and forms.

  • In accordance with the terms of the contract
  • In a timely manner, as defined in the contract
  • In triplicate

Costs are tracked by task order and WBS codes. Consultants should break down invoices to show costs applicable to each task order and WBS codes that they are working on.

A complete invoice submittal should include:

  • Progress Report for the billing period
  • Invoice Cover Sheet showing total amount due
  • Invoices on letterhead with pre-printed consultant’s address, phone number and FAX number on all pages
  • Contract Summary that summarizes expenditures for the contract and all the task orders covered by the attached invoices
  • Documentation to support time, personnel and expenses
  • Certified payroll and fringe benefit statements (if prevailing wage work is performed)
  • Pages numbers on the invoice and supporting documentation

Sample invoice formats can be found at http://caltrans-opac.ca.gov/aeinfo.htm