Invoice Procedures : Invoice Submittal Requirements : Progress Report

Progress Report

The progress report is a summary of the work completed during the billing (performance) period reported in the invoices. It also set expectations of the work to be completed in the next performance period.

Details in the progress report include:

  • Progress report dates (same as billing period dates)
  • Monthly summary per Project ID
  • Monthly summary per WBS
  • Monthly summary per task order
  • Summary of work completed during the reporting/billing period
  • Description of work expected to be completed during the next reporting period
  • Monthly Contract Progress Estimate
  • Activity Hours Summary
  • Task Order Billing Status

The CM checks the progress report to make sure that:

  • reported details coincide with the cost proposal and schedule.
  • every invoiced project is included on the report.
  • period of performance documented on the progress report matches the period of performance on the monthly invoice