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Contract Summary

A contract summary provides high-level details about the status of the contract. The information on the summary is used to verify that the consultant’s records match Caltrans’ records. The contract summary may include task order details to avoid creating a second cover sheet.

Contract details:

  1. Contract number and description
  2. Period of performance
  3. Consultant name
  4. Contract total $ amount
  5. $ amount billed to date
  6. Total hours to date
  7. Total $ amount remaining
  8. Contract $ amount not allocated to task orders
  9. DVBE and SBE amounts and percentages for each firm

Task order details:

  1. Performance period (begin and end dates)
  2. Current billing $ amount
  3. Current billing hours
  4. Total billed hours to date         
  5. Total task order $ amount
  6. $ amount billed to date
  7. Remaining amount available for the task order

See this sample contract summary (click “read only” when asked for a password).