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Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation, such as receipts, is required for all costs included on the invoice that are not for hourly or sub-contract labor. The information that accompanies the invoice is needed to process the invoice; it also is needed ensure the contract, task orders and projects covered on the invoice are proceeding as planned. Only appropriate items are to be billed to the Department in accordance with the contract cost proposal, and state and federal regulations and cost principles.

It is important that the costs included in the billing were incurred in billing period, and that all costs for that month are included on the invoice. When the invoice billing period is for the month of May, then the consultant is encouraged to include all charges in the month of May.


Invoices that include charges for hourly labor, approved time sheets must be included to support the charges.

All timesheets must:

    Exceptions can be made for signatures on electronic timesheet systems. Consult the A&E Coordinator for details.

  1. Be legible
  2. Account for all hours charged on the invoice, segregated by Project IDs and WBS codes
  3. Have a complete date: month, day(s), and year
  4. Be signed by the worker and the person supervising the work
    • If supervised by Caltrans, then Caltrans signs the timesheet.
    • If supervised by the employer, then the consultant’s supervisor signs the timesheets.
  5. Match the information on the cover sheet or contract summary 

If invoice includes overtime, the timesheet must include all hours worked for all clients to evaluate the allowability of overtime charged to Caltrans. For example, if a consultant works 4 hours for one client and 5 hours for Caltrans on a particular day, Caltrans is not required to pay overtime for that employee's 9th hour worked that day. Make sure overtime is pre-approved and detailed in the executed task order. Contact your A&E coordinator if you have any questions regarding consultant overtime.