Invoice Procedures : Invoice Review & Approval

Invoice Review and Approval

As a project progresses, consultants submit invoices on at least a monthly basis. The invoice review and approval process ensures that the invoice is in order, and the project is on track with the planned scope, schedule and cost. When the invoice has been reviewed and certified (approved), it is forwarded to accounting for payment processing.

Functional Review Once received and logged in, the functional manager performs a cursory review (sanity check) of the invoice provided by the Caltrans contract manager to ensure the invoice is consistent with the progress report, and that the hours charged and the personnel used are appropriate for the product received.
Detailed Review After the functional review, the contract manager verifies that the invoiced work is allowable and detailed in the contract and task order language, and that the rates and supporting documentation are consistent with the cost proposal.

The review process also involves documenting invoice details using several different forms. Descriptions of the steps in the review process include instructions on when and how to complete these forms.

  • Invoice processing checklist
  • COST report
  • Receiving record
  • The CM is responsible for constantly monitoring and promoting the consultant's use of disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) or disabled veterans business enterprise (DVBE) subconsultants as specified in the contract
  • Contract information spreadsheet or database
  • Contract task order log or database