Invoice Procedures : Invoice Review & Approval : Invoice Receipt & Functional Review

Invoice Receipt & Functional Review

The consultant supplies the invoice and justification for charges on it and the functional manager determines if the invoice is ready for processing. The contract manager thoroughly reviews all charges and details before the invoice is authorized for payment.

When the invoice is received, you, the CM, need to follow these steps to receive the invoice and initiate the review process:

  1. Log in and date stamp the invoice.
    • Date stamp all invoices as they are received
    • Save the envelope for the post-mark date
    • Keep the envelope with the invoice.

  2. Make a copy of the invoice for your records.

  3. Send a copy of the invoice to the functional manager for approval. Remember to confirm the delivery of the invoice so you will know that it was received (e-mail can be helpful).

    The functional manager will perform a cursory review of the invoice to make sure it is ready for processing.

  4. Confirm contractual details and clear up any questions with assistance from the functional manager or consultant as needed.

  5. When the invoice returns with the functional manager's signature, print the FM's name and date with your initials on the original invoice.

For the technical/functional review, the functional manager will:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of the invoice from the contract manager.
  2. Compare the invoice to the progress report to make sure the details coincide.
  3. Verify that the hours charged and personnel used are appropriate for the work done.
  4. Verify receipt of services from the consultants.
  5. Confirm details and clear up questions with the contract manager or consultant, as needed.
  6. Sign the invoice to indicate approval for processing.
  7. Return the approved invoice to the contract manager.

If the Contract Manager and task order or functional manager are the same person, the steps above can be combined. Since CSUs are configured differently, there may be variations to this review process. Check with your district CSU for more information.